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Paula, a chubby Asian nympho would often come to my room at night and do different things. Paula moved on to college after the summer. Jean’s perversion grew after that. Her constant search for different things to stuff in our sexies led her to be more perverse. She ran into my room, excitedly pulling me along as she watched TV.

She locked the door and took out this large squash from her shirt. It was very long and thin. I responded, “You’re not going to put that where you think you are?” “She said “you are right, I am, and you will get it.” “I replied “that’s a filthy piece of fruit. “She claimed that it was a vegetable, and she did clean it. “Paula got naked. I watched as she scrubbed the squash on her skin. Slut got an idea. She sat down on the couch, her legs extended. She took the squash from her hand and put it in her pussy. Surprised at how much she liked it, I was not surprised. Then she told me to place my hand between her legs and push the other end of my pussy. Jean kept telling me how great it was and how much fun it would be.

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Holding the squash, I eventually gave in to my instincts and slowly pushed my pussy across the squash. It was strange feeling. She kept encouraging me to go further. I pushed until my hairy pussies met. I couldn’t see the squash any more. We went back and forth. It seemed strange, but Jean kept on going so I continued. Jean was enthralled by the squash. She said to me to pull it out and then she took it out of her mouth. She then licked the squash and made me lick it. The chubby Asian asked me to lay down on the couch and spread my legs. I obliged, and she took the squash out of my hands and shoved it into my pussy until it hurt.

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